Rubber Band Propeller Car

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Making a rubber band propeller car is one of the simplest ways by which you can make a car at home.  The process is a simple one and usually takes up to an hour. If you want your car to move faster then you can either use a longer rubber band or change the size of the wheel. Different combinations can affect the speed of the car. The car moves due to the energy that is stored by wrapping the band round the axle and as it unwraps it changes into energy.

Here is how you can make a rubber band propeller car. Take a cardboard and snick it right in the centre. The snick should be approximately 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. Now throw the piece that you cut. Now you need to make the axle and for that you will need a wooden skewer. Place the skewer near the outer edge of the snick and make sure it is equally distributed on either side of the cardboard or else the car will drive crooked. Sometimes you will need to rotate the skewer manually so that the opening widens. Alter the axle a bit. In the middle of snick wrap a small piece of tape so that the rubber band gets hold of it. To ensure that the rubber band gets hold of the snick you can twist the tape that is sticking up.

Now comes the part of assembling the wheels of the car. For this exercise you will need a washer and two CDs. Place and hold the washer in the middle of the CD’s center hole. Move this CD with the washer attached on one side of the cardboard onto the skewer. Leave ample of room between the CD and the cardboard. Stick the washer, CD and skewer. For this you can use anything or any type of glue but make sure that the things are stuck firmly. Check and see if the wheel and axle spins together,  If so repeat the same process for the second wheel and if not then you need to stick the three things firmly again.

Tie the rubber band. Stick one end of the rubber band to the cardboard cut out. The rubber band needs to be taped on both sides of the axle. For powering the car wrap the loose end of the rubber band around the catch. While you wrap up the rubber band around the axle, rotate the axle several times and when the rubber band will unwrap it will impel the car to move forward.

This is the easiest way you can make a rubber band propeller car. These are the simplest self propelled cars that can be made at home. Plus the material needed to make it is readily available at your home. You need not buy something specially for making this type of car. Once you make it your kids will love playing with it and if you have grown up kids they can make it themselves and enjoy!